MyUDA, LLC Presents the Movie "SEEKING"

09/28/2013 by

Melody, a mother of three supernatural daughters, finds herself in a maze of worry, wonder and war. As she is hunted by agents of an elite assassin group, she loses her children, memory and supreme focus. Tracked by the assassins, her children discover their own spiritual charms, leading them to explore more than foster care. All while seeking for truths, Melody, her family and the killers are challenged with the same adventurous obstacle- finding each other. 

Jam packed with action, suspense, mystery and drama, Seeking demonstrates the common grounds of uncovering your reality. Directed, written and produced by Darel Tidwell. Starring Krista Woods, Larry Daniels, Crystal Giles, Crystal Dominguez, Madison Tidwell and Jada Tidwell.